WASH Research Awards 

WASH Research Awards provide funds for high-quality, policy-relevant research that is available, accessible and communicated to the policy development and program design community in Australia, Asia and the Pacific and the global WASH sector. 

Research results will be help improve projects and inform future inclusive WASH design and implementation.

Water for Women Research being undertaken focuses on: 

(Type 1) Awards:
Addressing key sector research gaps

Type 1 Awards comprise research that answers critical sector questions and examines emerging challenges and trends. They support research that serves the needs of partner governments, donors, CSOs, international agencies and sector stakeholders.

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(Type 2) Awards: 
Addressing knowledge gaps in WASH project delivery

Type 2 Awards support implementation of Water for Women projects. Research is closely associated with the work of partner CSOs and covers inclusive WASH approaches, partnerships and topic areas. 

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All research processes are expected to be gender and socially inclusive. The geographic scope of the research is the Asia and Pacific region. 

WASH Research Awards engages partners that are committed to:

  • Quality research engagement, partnerships and networks
  • Quality research capacity building
  • Quality research management, processes and outputs 

Water for Women is working with a multitude of research partners carrying out research throughout the five years of the Fund.

Initially, six (Type 2) research proposals were selected in June 2018 to be funded under Water for Women. Research for these initial six projects will be undertaken over two to three years from July 2018.

A further five (Type 1) research proposals were announced in March 2019 and also currently underway.

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