As a key pathway for development innovation and to inform policy-making and program delivery, research is an important element of Water for Women. 

Water for Women aims to raise the bar in terms of gender and socially inclusive research, analysis, design and program delivery in WASH, and in doing so to lead practice globally. 

Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) deliver gender and socially inclusive WASH projects, and these are also inter-linked with other critical development issues such as water resources management (WRM), climate change adaptation (CCA), disaster risk reduction (DRR) and nutrition. 

Supplementing the CSO projects are WASH Research Awards

By including WASH Research Awards in Water for Women, we are contributing to the Water for Women Fund goals and outcomes, in particular:

Outcome 4: Create evidence-based innovation, practice and policy change towards socially inclusive WASH systems at a national and international level.

By documenting and sharing gender and socially inclusive evidence and effective practices with other CSOs and, national and international sector actors, Water for Women will contribute to this outcome. 

Why Research?

Research is a key pathway for development innovation and to inform policy-making and program delivery. Investments in research facilitate access to diverse partnerships and networks, contributing to Australia's aid policy and wider diplomatic engagement in partner countries.  Providing access to high-quality research and analysis that addresses key WASH sector gaps assists partner governments, private sector and civil society to improve access to these essential services. 

In short, research will assist in developing better, more sustainable outcomes in WASH delivery.


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