The Water for Women Innovation and Impact (I&I) grants provide a targeted opportunity for partners to further contribute to Fund outcomes. Grants will be available to both existing Fund partner civil society organisations (CSOs) and research organisations (ROs).

The I&I grants will contribute to ongoing research and development in line with the Fund’s fourth end of program outcome, ‘Strengthened use of new evidence, innovation and practice in sustainable gender and inclusive WASH by other CSOs, national and international WASH sector actors’. In doing so, the grants will support partners to further innovate, to deepen impact and to contribute to improved global WASH policy and practice.

The I&I grants will ultimately support the Fund to demonstrate its contribution towards the overarching goal of ‘improved health, gender equality and well-being of Asian and Pacific communities through inclusive, sustainable WASH’.

The I&I grant awardees are expected to be announced in May 2021 and to commence in June 2021.

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