The Water for Women Fund has Innovation and Impact Grants available to support the piloting of innovations by individual CSOs, including the scaling up of successful interventions, undertaking action research activities in innovative areas, and conducting valuable impact assessment activities.  Learning outcomes, including the results of CSO and Fund level M&E, will help identify these opportunities.

It is anticipated that small grants of different sizes will be made available to support the piloting of innovations by individual CSOs already involved with Water for Women, while larger scale grants will require collaboration with recognised research organisations.

The research and innovation components will also inform sector learning, and be of benefit to more than one CSO, which will be integrated with activity, Fund level and peer-to-peer M&E and learning processes supported by the Fund.

22nd March, 2020

Water for Women announces $1.2 million commitment to further WASH innovation and impact on World Water Day

As this announcement was made, the rapidly escalating COVID-19 situation was on its way to being declared a pandemic. As such, the Innovation & Impact Grants release has been delayed until FY20-21, with a date to be confirmed. If you would like to be updated about the Innovation & Impact Grants when they do go to market , you can subscribe to our news feed here. Be sure to select 'news' in the News section.

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