People Reached*

Total beneficiaries who are accessing and using basic and improved
water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) services

Target of 3.01 million exceeded

'Basic' and 'improved' WASH are based on globally agreed Joint Monitoring Program (JMP) definitions. Learn more below.



Beneficiaries disaggregated by gender and disability

Target of 1.51 million exceeded

Target of 1.48 million exceeded


Working towards 15,995 target
'Other' represents people of diverse sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and sex characteristics (SOGIESC) who are often marginalised within communities.

Target of 64,260 exceeded



Beneficiaries disaggregated by location 

Target of 205,729 exceeded

Target of 2.80 million exceeded


Region & Country

Beneficiaries by region

Target of 860,204 exceeded

Target of 2.03 million exceeded

Target of 121,486 exceeded

Bangladesh: 232,553

Bhutan: 214,596

India:  321,247 

Nepal: 155,789

Pakistan: 159,725

Cambodia: 1,215,381

Indonesia: 574,204

Lao PDR: 230,035

Myanmar: 22,751

Timor-Leste: 61,218

Vietnam: 104,742

Fiji: 5,470

Papua New Guinea: 184,118

Solomon Islands: 7,703

Vanuatu:  5,987



Access to WASH

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) beneficiaries

Target of 1 million exceeded

Target of 1.45 million exceeded

Target of 1.36 million exceeded


Communities & Households


Communities with access to WASH

Households with access to WASH

Schools and Health Care Facilities

Communities with access to WASH

Working towards 2,015 target

Households with access to WASH

Target of 663,172 exceeded

Schools and Health Care Facilities

Target of 956 exceeded

Schools only
MHH = Menstrual Health and Hygiene

Working towards 500 target 

About Monitoring & Evaluation

 The Water for Women Fund is undertaking Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) to enable the us to track performance and support ongoing learning and improvement. Definitions used are based on globally agreed Joint Monitoring Program (JMP) definitions, you can learn more about JMP here.


The figures used on this page are based on the latest reporting from our partners.
Progress is updated annually based on figures from annual reporting.
The current progress figures were updated in December 2023.
The current target figures were updated in August 2023. 

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*These Fund targets are based on partner Civil Society Organisations (CSO) project baseline studies. Project targets are updated periodically in response to changes in context as appropriate.

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