Water for Women to host partnership group meeting with ten Civil Society Organisation partners and DFAT


As agreed at the inception workshop in March, Water for Women will bring together 10 CSO partners, DFAT and Fund Coordinator advisors for the first Partnership Group Meeting in Melbourne in August.

Water for Women aims to change the approach when it comes to development projects by implementing an innovative partnership brokering process to ensure the impact of the Fund is maximised. Our Civil Society Organisation (CSO) partners will be front and centre during this process.

Water for Women recognises the integral part played by all of our partners, not only the 10 CSO’s who are key partners in the Fund, but also, the many local partners and people that our CSO’s work with on a daily basis to deliver WASH projects across Asia Pacific. Strategic leadership from our CSOs will be integral to the success of Water for Women.

To this end, a lead representative from each of our 10 CSO partners will be represented in Melbourne from 13th – 15th August to participate in Water for Women’s very first Partnership Group Meeting.

Fund Manager, Alison Baker from GHD stated, ‘A Partnership Brokering process will form a large part of this meeting to identify how all the CSOs, DFAT and the Fund Coordinator can best collaborate to maximise the impact of the Fund at every level of delivery. We are confident that it will encourage strong relationships and collaboration between all partners and thus, better results for Water for Women and the WASH sector in general.’ 

Water for Women aims to support improved health, equality and wellbeing in Asian and Pacific Communities through socially inclusive and sustainable water, sanitation and hygiene(WASH) projects. The Water for Women Fund is a key initiative of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and will be delivered as part of Australia's Aid Program, investing 110.6 Million over five years from 2018 to 2022.

You can learn more at waterforwomenfund.org.

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