Water for Shared Prosperity: Amplifying diverse voices and knowledges for the global water goals

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During the 10th World Water Forum in Bali, Indonesia, Water for Women is pleased to be elevating the voices and experiences of Asian and Pacific communities with whom our partners work and sharing insights, knowledges and learning from our water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) projects and research in 16 countries across the region.


As part of "Team Australia", Water for Women is actively participating at World Water Forum and engaged at the Australia country booth. Throughout the week, the transformative work of three Water for Women partners is being highlighted at the Australia country booth through case studies on display on the 'wave walls.' 

You can explore the full versions of these case studies and download copies below.


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Yayasan Plan International Case Study thumbnail

Climate-Resilient and Inclusive WASH  in Indonesia

Yaysan Plan International Indonesia

Join us or follow our updates throughout the week via:

Twitter: @_waterforwomen
Facebook: @waterforwomenfund
LinkedIn: @water-for-women



Water for Women is being represented in Bali by:

  • Dr Alison Baker, Fund Manager
  • Joanna Mott, Gender Equality, Disability and Social Inclusion Adviser
  • Zahra Bolouri, Knowledge and Learning Manager.


Water for Women partners participating at WWF include:

  • iDE
  • International WaterCentre - Griffith University (IWC)
  • International Water Management Institute, Nepal (IWMI)
  • University of Technology Sydney - Institute for Sustainable Futures (UTS-ISF)
  • SNV Netherlands Development Organisation (SNV)
  • Solomon Islands National University (SINU)
  • WaterAid
  • Yayasan Plan International Indonesia.


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