Turn up the volume! Voices from Asia Pacific

A group of Indonesian people, part of a disability forum, stand in knee deep ocean water holding plants they will be planting to support mangrove rehabilitation

"We are taking part in planting mangroves because we also want to be part of the change for a better future." says Baiq Hadijah, a member of the Integrated Water Management Forum (IWM) and Chair of Forum Disabilitas Sarea (Yayasan Plan International Indonesia / Irwansyah)

We need to work harder at valuing, raising and listening to the voices, knowledge and capacities of women, indigenous people and marginalised people , who have unique water system understanding and are at the forefront of the devastating impacts of climate change.

Enabling diverse voices is critical in shaping locally-led, sustainable solutions that ensure equitable access to clean water and sanitation for all (SDG6), healthy ecosystems and a climate-resilient future.

But no one can do it alone –locally-led solutions need support. Sustainable Development Goal 6 - Water and Sanitation for all (SDG6) can only be achieved with a concerted effort by governments and their societies, with help from development partners,  to put more emphasis and resources towards inclusive water and WASH for the health, wellbeing, and resilience of all communities.

As part of Water and WASH futures in early 2023, we spoke to Pacific and Australian water and WASH practitioners and researchers about climate change the importance of water and WASH.

Turn up the volume on Asia Pacific voices!

"The biggest climate challenge in the Pacific is helping ourselves and others to understand just how urgent and broad and deep is this set of crises in which we find ourselves."

Noelene Nabulivou, Executive Director, DIVA for Equality Fiji

"Climate change problems are WASH problems... where I am currently working, my people suffer a lot in terms of climate change and its affects."

Winnie Sagiu, Program Coordinator, WaterAid PNG

"For systems strengthening and creating an enabling environment, that's what helps us to take the work we do forward… when you strengthen the system, which is usually within the government, that helps with sustainability when the project comes to an end."

Turea Wickham, PNG WASH Consortium Coordinator, World Vision

"Women are central to water access in any community, women bear the burden of accessing water, but they are usually marginalised."

Navara Kiene, Programs Director - PNG, WaterAid

"The biggest climate challenge in the Pacific is… trying to convince people the reality that climate impacts have in our daily lives." 

Vivania Tatawaqa, Diverse Voices and Action (DIVA) for Equality

"Sanitation and climate resilience is often something that isn't discussed, water tends to be the main focus, but in fact… [sanitation] is a really critical issue, mostly from a public health perspective."

Juliet Willetts, Research Director, The University of Technology Sydney, Institute for Sustainable Futures

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