Rainbow Disability Theatre sharing the importance of handwashing through song

Members of Rainbow Disability Theatre performing for an audience outdoors

Rainbow Disability Theatre members share important hand hygiene messages through song and theatre in Vanuatu.(photo: Wan Smolbag Theatre)

Rainbow Disability Theatre have been promoting the importance of good hand hygiene far and wide through song and theatre, in partnership with World Vision Vanuatu and Wan Smolbag Theatre.

Rainbow Disability Theatre consists of actors with mostly physical disabilities and their carers, who also act in the shows. This is their message for Global Handwashing Day, and every day.
World Vision Vanuatu, with support from Water for Women and Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP), has been partnering with Rainbow Disability Theatre since 2018. The partnership has enabled the theatre members to all have salaries for the first time in their acting careers.

Water for Women partners with World Vision Australia in the delivery of the Laetem Dak Kona: gender-equitable and disability-accessible WASH project in Vanuatu.

Through Water for Women, Australia is investing AUD118.9m to deliver 33 WASH projects and research initiatives that aim to support 2.9 million people in 15 countries across South Asia, South East Asia and the Pacific. Water for Women is the Australian government's flagship WASH program and is being delivered as part of Australia's aid program over five years, from 2018 to 2022.


Video: Rainbow Disability Theatre and Wan Smolbag Theatre, with World Vision Vanuatu


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