Lost in Translation: the trans community and COVID-19


“We are deemed unfit for the male ward and hazardous for the female one; access to healthcare is just one of the rights denied to us right at birth. COVID-19 may have closed doors for you, but for us, those doors were always bolted shut.” - Nadia

With the four walls closing in, some of us may feel trapped while most worry about the unpaid rent. As the food supplies dwindle and the paychecks become scant, some may be forced to ration each morsel, and others to rally donations for collective survival. With the outdoors suddenly hostile, even a grocery run is agonizingly reconsidered, over and over. Isolated from loved ones and loathed by strangers within a six-foot radius, no one can simply exist in public anymore. COVID-19 has plunged us all into a strange world.

Tragically, this is the only world known to the Transgender community in Pakistan.


Our partner, IRC has shared this insightful update on the experience of the trans community in Pakistan - 'Lost in Translation: the trans community and COVID-19'

In these challenging times, those most vulnerable in communities are even more at risk. What many parts of the community are experiencing for the first time through COVID-19, has long been the reality for sexual and gender minorities.


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