Blended Finance Research Opportunity

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WASH financing research

An excellent opportunity has arisen for an expert adviser or team to conduct research with Water for Women Fund partners to map and identify opportunities for blended finance investments incorporating a gender and social inclusion lens. 

The Fund

The Water for Women Fund is supporting improved health, gender equality and wellbeing in Asian and Pacific communities through socially inclusive and sustainable water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) projects and research. Water for Women is the Australian Government’s flagship WASH program and is being delivered as part of Australia's aid program, investing 118.9 million over five years from 2018 to 2022.

Water for Women is partnering with 10 civil society organisations (CSOs) to deliver 20 WASH projects in 15 countries in South Asia, Southeast Asia and the Pacific. Water for Women is also supporting 12 research projects, through five research organisations, as well as new COVID-19 initiatives. Water for Women aims to support an estimated 2.9 million people including the most marginalised within these communities.

The Assignment

Water for Women and the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) recognise the role that blended financing can take in mobilising additional resources for the WASH sector. Within the current Fund, some partners are exploring innovative or blended financing approaches. More information is needed to guide future programming decisions and to explore the role of blended finance within the Fund.

This research will explore:

  1. the role of CSOs in WASH financing;
  2. the needs of current Fund partners to better understand and manage the issues associated with blended finance in order to work alongside financiers and identify potential approaches; and
  3. the role DFAT can play in supporting WASH blended finance, within and beyond Water for Women.

This research will use a gender and social inclusion lens, given the focus of the Fund.


The Adviser/s will complete the research over approximately 12 weeks to provide a research report by October 30th 2021 and prepare for, and facilitate, a presentation to key stakeholders in November 2021.

ARF Classification

The DFAT Adviser Remuneration Framework will govern the rates applied for this work. Further information about the Adviser Remuneration Framework can be found here.


Home based.

Reports to 

Water for Women Finance Adviser and DFAT.

To Apply

Please refer to the full Terms of Reference for more information about the scope of the WASH financing research and to address the selection criteria when applying.

Applications close Monday, 9 August COB and should be submitted via:


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