Addressing Fecal Sludge Management in Rural Locations


Water for Women partner, International Development Enterprises (iDE) has released three fantastic Tactic Reports dveloped through their work in Cambodia.

iDE Cambodia has been a leader in achieving market-based sanitation at scale, a watershed for design, a dedicated resource for research and testing, and an example of what can be achieved through the right combination of sales, marketing, and management. You can view updates on their work in Cambodia and all resources they have created for this project directly on their website.

This Tactic Report: Addressing Fecal Sludge Management in Rural Locations

Pit latrines have become the solution for rural sanitation in many of the world’s poorest, remote, and difficult to access locations. At some point in time, the pit fills. What can households in these areas do to safely manage their sanitation needs?


Learn more about iDE's Water for Women project, WASH SUP2 in Cambodia here.


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