Water for Women supports improved health, gender equality and wellbeing in Asian and Pacific communities through socially inclusive and sustainable water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) projects and research. Continual reflection, collaborative learning, knowledge creation and exchange are important elements of Water for Women which, combined with effective programming, support partners to lead practice globally and raise the bar in terms of gender and socially inclusive WASH research, analysis, design and program delivery.

Knowledge and learning is central to Water for Women. It is a key priority of all partners, and positions the Fund as an important contributor to global knowledge development and sharing in inclusive WASH. Fund-generated evidence, centred on innovative and sustainable gender and socially inclusive WASH, supports Fund partners to program for long-term impact. It also provides the basis to influence sector-wide WASH policy and practice.

Guiding partners’ collaborative knowledge and learning is the Water for Women Learning Agenda, which promotes a shared interest in collaboration and learning between all partners. The Learning Agenda provides a focused framework for Water for Women’s collaborative knowledge and learning priorities over the life of the Fund, to support long-term changes to inclusive WASH policy and practice.

As part of our dedicated focus on knowledge and learning, we will continue to share resources, tools, learning and insights that are developed by Water for Women and our partners.

Some ways in which sharing and learning is encouraged include:


A place where the Fund Coordinator and those working on Water for Women projects and in the global WASH sector can share their experience, challenges and innovative solutions.


Bringing people and organisations together to share knowledge and learning through our calendar of events. Events delivered by Water for Women, partner events, jointly hosted regional events and marking key global awareness days together with our partners.

Resources and Tools 
Improving efficiencies and delivery of WASH through the sharing of useful resources and tools from our CSO and research partners, local organisations and governments on the ground in the 15 countries our projects are operating, as well as the global WASH sector. These will be grouped under the focus areas of the Fund.

Resources Archive

A catalogue of learning products from Water for Women and our partners that have been produced as part of Water for Women or in collaboration with Water for Women.

The Hub

The Hub is an internal communications and collaboration platform for Water for Women partners. [Restricted Access]


Knowledge and learning

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