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Not Just for the ‘Lucky few’

Posted Thursday, November 29, 2018

Empowering people with disability and ensuring inclusiveness and equality

Reflections from Water for Women Gender and Social Inclusion (GSI) Specialist, Jose Mott

A few months ago, I read an article that resonated with me and one that I feel is particularly relevant for International Day of People with Disabilities (IDPD). It was written by a woman with a disability – let’s call her Martha. Her type of disability is not relevant to this story,...


Water for Women talks sh*t this World Toilet Day

Posted Saturday, November 17, 2018

Reflections on sanitation from Water for Women WASH Specialist, Matthew Bond

I’ve now been excited by sanitation for so long that I take for granted my interest in toilets. If I was to go back twenty years, however, I’m sure I would find this surprising. I certainly never imagined travelling around the world taking thousands of photos of toilets, both domestic and institutional, shining my torch into countless latrines or searching communities for signs of open...

Water for Women Celebrates World Toilet Day

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